Friday, 14 June 2013

Annie's Homegrown Natural Snacks

So it's that time of year again, yes the kids are finally getting out of school for the summer! What does this mean? Lots of fun times in the sun attending camps, and going on picnics. Picking snacks for your kids can be a challenge, especially those that are easy to carry around and can last without refridgeration on hot summer days. The favourites of cookies, and fruit rollups are hardly nutritious, but there are healthy alternatives that taste just as rgeat. Yes, healthy snacking does not have to be a battle! Annie's Homegrown is an all natural food company that delicious organic snacks that the kids will love. Some of these snacks include honey graham cookies, crackers, and real fruit gummies. All are 100% organic, made from all natural ingredients to give you parents peace of mind. Also, the snacks are all shaped as little bunnies to create visual interest and fun for the kids!


I have personally tried all of these snacks except for the sour cream and onions flavour which I am now intrigued by, and am sure to try soon! I can honeslty say that although I am too old to be eating bunny shaped snacks, they are a go-to item for me still. I absolutely love them, they are delicious, cute, and extremely handy. Best snack!

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